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CASE Segotep g5

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CASE Segotep g5


Unique layout: It allows users to securely mount the graphics card, or any PCI Express card vertically inside your case. Different from Graphics Card horizontal installation, It’s no need to worry about deformation. Superior Airflow and Cooling: The case is design for better cooling performance. Users can install 3 fans in the front to intake the air from outside and exhaust the hot air with 2 fans in the rear to cool the internal components efficiently. Tempered Glass Side Panel: With a sleek and sturdy tempered glass in side of the case to show off hardware and internal components. Builder Friendly: With room for front and rear radiators, and it support up to 167mm High CPU Cooler and up to 323 mm Long graphic card Installation. Hide all the wire Open new century. B.C.M structure with hidden design which hide each cable behind back. I/O port cable box in the top, its depth is 64mm to make sure that it holds DVI/HDMI/USB external cable easily. It owns neat layout by fastened rope.
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