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Xigmatek PTI-G3606 Thermal Paste

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Xigmatek PTI-G3606 Thermal Paste


Xigmatek PTI-G3606 Thermal Conductivity 5.0 W/(m*K) CPU Water Cooling, High Pressure 32.8 ΔT (22 °C ambient) CPU Air Cooling, High Pressure 36.9 ΔT (22 °C ambient) CPU Air Cooling, Low Pressure 37.3 ΔT (22 °C ambient) GPU Cooling 66.5 ΔT (22 °C ambient) Electrically Conductive No Viscosity 3 (1-10, lower numbers mean easier to use) Ease of Use 8 (1-10, higher numbers mean easier to use) Application Hints This paste seems best suited for the “lentil ball” method, and should be used in average-temperature rooms, from 70 °F Price (approximate) $8 (3 grams)
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